Rev. Brother Paul Sun Education Foundation



Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Education Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a charitable trust body approved by the Hong Kong Government as a tax-exempt charitable organization.  The trust document establishing the Foundation sets out the objectives, operation, governance and other provisions.  The main aim of the Foundation is to promote education for public benefit, as a logical continuation of the significant work accomplished by our beloved Bro. Paul Sun, founder of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School.

The Foundation is named after Bro. Paul Sun to commemorate and honor this great man, his enduring contribution to education and the legacy of love and lofty ideals he left behind. 

To continue his life-time work, the Josephian Association as the official alumni body of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School has set up the Foundation, the sole purpose of which is to attain this worthy goal.  By championing the work of the Foundation, Josephians and supporters of the School are able to share in St. Joseph’s celebrated family spirit, a spirit of all-enveloping love.

Bro. Paul Sun has earned the love, respect and devotion of the people who personally knew and know of him.  He truly epitomizes the real spirit of noblesse oblige.

May Bro. Paul Sun’s wisdom and spirit continue to guide us in our mission to promote education, including helping not only our Alma Mater but also the community, and to allow more Josephians, friends, families and the general public to experience and share our much cherished St. Joseph’s family spirit.


St. Joseph, pray for us!