Speakers’ Forum 2015

The Rev. Brother Paul Sun Education Foundation Speakers’ Forum is a series of charity fund-raising events featuring a substantial key-note guest speaker on each occasion. Speakers’ Forum 2015 took place on the evening of October 6, 2015. Once again, the Foundation held the forum at the Hong Kong Football Club. The speaker for the night was Prof. Tsui Lap Chee (徐立之教授) former Vice-chancellor of The University of Hong Kong.

As soon as guests began arriving at 6:30pm, the dinner venue became filled with the sound of laughter and conversation. Guests were introduced to Professor Tsui as they came in and an impromptu session of taking pictures swiftly followed. The professor spent plenty of time speaking with the young scholars of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School.

Guests of the evening numbered over 70 and included continuing supporters of the Forum as well as some new donors. Many attendees were alumni and students of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School and St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese Primary School, friends and family.

At around 8pm, Mr. Roger Lam, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation gave a welcoming address. He introduced the Foundation, its mission and activities including the Speakers’ Forum, and acknowledged the sponsors, including those who could not attend but had given generously nonetheless. Mr. Lam conveyed special thanks to Mr. Peter Yip of Bright Smart Securities International (HK) Ltd., Mr. Howard Chan and Philip Chan of Podium Development Co. Ltd., Ms Kate Lam, Dr. Gary Mak, Dr. Victor Shue, Mr. Ng Man Kin, Mr. Daniel Lee of BDO, and others.

Dinner commenced soon after. Guests were treated to a savory grilled salmon salad appetizer, and a mouth-watering main course of either beef or chicken. The delectable wine for the occasion was generously provided by Trustee Mr. Andrew Li.

At around 8:30pm, Prof. Tsui began his talk. The title of his talk was ‘The Story of a Former Scientist’. He first shared his experience as a primary school student, including his memories of seeing the late Rev. Bro. Paul Sun when he and his brothers went to St. Joseph’s to play table-tennis on weekends. At the time, they were residing in an apartment block next to the school and his brothers were attending St. Joseph’s.

His next story was that of how he began studying biology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The final-year secondary school students in the audience were particularly attentive as the professor related his experience of boldly introducing himself to the head of the biology department even though it was not yet his turn to be interviewed. His initiative did pay off that time.

He talked about finding the gene responsible for cystic fibrosis in 1989. He and his research team struggled through many difficulties, including almost having their funding cut off when another scientist had published a false report, but in the end they pulled through and their work was published in a prestigious journal of Science for 3 consecutive issues, which was quite unprecedented.

All in all, Prof. Tsui’s experiences taught him the importance of perseverance, boldness, hard work, and integrity. Indeed, the professor is an excellent role model for all who seek excellence in the pursuit of knowledge.

The professor concluded his talk with rapturous applause from the audience, and went on to answer some thought-provoking questions they had about his views on university, scientific research, and being a student in Hong Kong. After question time, Prof. Tsui was presented with a beautiful crystal souvenir as a token of appreciation for speaking at the forum. A dessert of cinnamon apple pie followed, along with more conversation and photo-taking until about 10:30pm.

Everyone had a lovely time listening to the professor and catching up with old friends. To cap it off, a total of over $200,000 was raised by this event, making the Forum a very successful program for the Foundation.

On Oct 6, 2015, we hosted our speaker's forum, featuring former HKU vice chancellor Tsui Lap-Chee. Read all about it on our website:

Posted by Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Education Foundation on Sunday, October 11, 2015