University Scholarship Programme for St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School

1. Objective

To encourage Josephians to excel in their academic pursuits.

2. Establishment of Scholarships

With its Vision and Mission in mind, the Foundation is establishing a Scheme of Scholarships for the students of SJACS. The first scholarship award commenced at the end of academic year 2011-12.

3. Eligibility

Any SJACS graduate may apply to the Foundation upon successfully enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree program either in Hong Kong or overseas.

4. Value

Each award shall ordinarily be $10,000.

5. Administration of Scheme

5.1 Administrative Panel

The Board of Trustees will appoint a panel (Judging Panel, see clause 7) consisting of Trustee, school representative (the Principal or the Teacher) and the respective donor(s)/representative(s), to administer the Scheme and liaise with the School and students.

5.2 Scholarship Categories

  • General Excellence (30 points from the Best 5 subjects in DSE)
  • Dentistry and Medical Health
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies (2 awards)
  • Pharmacy
  • Art/Design
  • Sports

5.3 Selection criteria

5.3.1 Commitment to the selected career – Applicants are required to demonstrate their commitment to the selected majors in university through applications and selection interviews
5.3.2 Academic achievement – Applicants will be assessed based on their academic performance both in secondary school and open examination
5.3.3 Recommendations from SJACS teachers

6. Submission of Applications and Selection Interview

Download Application Form

6.1 Student Applicants

On an annual basis, a list of Scholarships with details will be published before 31 May each year, whilst the students can submit their applications in the prescribed form after they have been notified of their successful enrollment in a university. Unless otherwise announced, the deadline for application submission is 31st of October. The applications will then be reviewed by the Judging Panel.

6.2 Selection Interview

Applicants may be invited to attend a selection interview hosted by the Judging Panel. The interview aims to help the Panel better assess the applicants.

7. Judging Panel

The Board of Trustees will establish a Judging Panel for each of the scholarships offered under the Scheme. This panel will ordinarily be made up of 3 judges and one seat will be offered to the donor or his/her representative of the respective scholarship. The Panel will have full discretion to set up the rules to assess all applications. The Panel’s decision shall be final.

8. Scholarship Award Ceremony

The results will be announced before 1st December each year, and the funds will be released to the successful applicants following the announcement. A formal ceremony will be held to hand out the Award certificates on the following 19 March (St. Joseph’s Day) in the Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Memorial Hall.

9. Roll of Honor

The names of all scholarship winners will be entered into the Roll of Honor in the Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Memorial Hall.

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